14.Jan.14: MNML pres. FELIX KRÖCHER

DJ: Felix Kröcher // Upcoming Track to be released in 2014:
BEGINN: 23:00
EINTRITT: AK: 10€ < 24:00 > 12€ // Studenten mit Ausweis: 8€ bis 24:00
Wir freuen uns außergewöhnlich dieses einmalige Highlight im legendären Flex kommenden Jänner hosten zu dürfen!

Zu diesem Anlass dachten wir uns setzen wir auf alt bewährtes und präsentieren Euch den Freund unseres Hauses, Ausnahme Dj & Erfolgstalent aus Deutschland, Felix Kröcher, welcher an diesem Abend, unterstützt von lokalem Support, ein weiteres mal zeigen wird wie man mit Techno richtig abfeiert!


Artist Profile / Compact Biography:
His name is synonymous with Techno made in Germany.
His mix style is surgically precise, energizing the music into what seems like perpetual motion. What makes his sound outstanding is that it moves the masses without overwhelming them, drawing its strength from the lightest of touches. The effortlessness with which Felix Kröcher masters his craft has made him a leading figure for a new
generation of DJs.
Felix grew up to the sound of Frankfurt, the city he was born in 1983. Whilst other kids were more interested in bikes or computers, Felix acquired his first decks at the age of 10 and played his first gigs in public at 16. Meanwhile Events like Mayday, TimeWarp, Nature One, Wire, Creamfields, Urban Art Forms, SonneMondSterne, Free Your Mind, Mysteryland, Awakenings of Moving City are permanent dates in his approximately annual 130 Gigs.
Felix Kröcher does not only play music. He lives and celebrates music and casts a spell over everyone. Because he is an artist as well as an entertainer with a great heart and a great portion of lifeblood.
And this lifeblood comes to light all over again with each set.

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