16.Feb.10: CRAZY

DJ: FASCHINGSDIENSTAG- DIE KAISERDISO TANZT Die Hamburger Shootingstars (Amalfino) rocken uns nieder
Djs: Kaiserdisco (MbF,Hamburg)
Crazy Sonic
Markus Lindner (Stadtparkmusik)

BEGINN: 22:30
EINTRITT: 7.- bis 23:00/ 9.- bis Mitternacht/ 11.- danach
Kaiserdisco Bio English

The friendly boys from Hamburg, Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck, got to know each other in the context of their respective projects Nudisco and Kaiser Souzai for the label Hi Freaks in Patrick's studio. After finding tons in common, they couldn't wait to work with each other.
Frederic had already celebrated several successes as part of Nudisco, and this also held true for Patrick as a member of the Kaiser Souzai crew. As they connected, it wasn't long before their new project emerged- Kaiserdisco.
The first production from them was a remix for Phunklarique. It was done originally as just a bir of fun, but as it sometimes goes, this 'bit of fun'
turned into an absolute hit! Three days after its release, the remix shot to No. 2 on the Beatport Minimal charts and remained there for over a month.

Those who know the Beatport charts realize it is filled with serious competition, so it was easy to see the direction Kaiserdisco was heading after their first brush with success- these boys want to head straight to the top, fast and without compromise.
Spending a month on the Beatport charts naturally attracts the attention of others, so remix inquiries naturally followed after their first hit. Groove Garcia and Koen Groenveld secured the services of Kaiserdisco for their last remix, which is currently No. 1 on the Decks charts. Of course there is also a lot of competition on the Decks charts- it is filled with the worldwide elite of electronic production.
These days, inquiries for remixes from Access Denied and Ji-Fi keep the boys busy. The completion of those tracks signals the start for the production on the first solo singles from Kaiserdisco on Berlin's Micro.fon label. A part of the Kiddaz.fm crew, DJ Emerson and Holgi Star took the two under their wings in regards to booking...and put them under contract!
If they continue to develop as quickly as they have since being discovered, then the Kaiserdisco duo will be all over the scene. We'll hear a lot more from them as Remixes, producers, and soon as a DJ and live act in clubs around the world!

Pfeil http://www.myspace.com/crazysonja
Pfeil http://www.crazyclub.at

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