24.Jun.17: WICKED

DJ: The Carnival of the WickeD is back in town, step right up and join the grandest Rave on Earth!! RaggaJungletekSpecial with
The Amazing DJ K ( DJ K + Killa Records )
The Wicked Yowii (RaggaTekPower)
The Charming Sista Lisa ( Unity Circus)
The Incredible WickedSquad
(Kathi Mariposa+ Spaceant WickedSquad)
mindblowing visuals by The Spectacular Missg Visuals + Gipsy Green

BEGINN: 23:00
EINTRITT: 12 <00:00> 15
VORVERKAUFSTELLEN: 12.-Vorverkaufskarten gibts im Runch Comics Kaiserstrasse 5, 1070, Mo-Fr: 11-19:00, Sa: 10-18:00)

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