19.May.17: Figub Brazlevic %26 Christma

LIVE: EGO & SOUL Tour 2017
BEGINN: 19:00
EINTRITT: Kein VVK - Nur AK: €10
Christmaz & Figub Brazlevic
Christmaz is a 24 year old Emcee from Stockholm, Sweden. Traveling to Berlin in 2015 for a show at East-West Sessions connected Christmaz with Beat maker Figub Brazlevic. Before and after the show they both shared ideas on future collabo- rations, discussed the direction of where they both would like to be in the near future. Having both similar goals with their visions, this was the point they joined forces.
They started stright away and Christmaz stayed in Berlin a couple weeks to work on a EP with Figub. Days passed, with a lot of good material being created. Things could not be left
BlabberMouf feat.Christmaz - InstantFlava (Da Shogunz 2016)
BlabberMouf-Christmaz-Ntan - KEEP IT RUFF
there, so they decided to do an Album together and choose the title „Ego&Soul“ an older name from the origin EP Idea from Christmaz. During the process of producing the album a lot of new and old friends of Christmaz and Figub made frequent visits to the Studio forming the team of features for the LP. These included the likes of BlabberMouf (Netherland), Merlin Alexander (Swiss), Teknical Development.IS (London / England), Tesla Alset (Netherland), MadFlows (USA), Noritsu (France), Maniac ( Demographics / Germany) and Omniver- ses (London / England). Ego & Soul is an Album that collects all the different ideas and visions behind the creative process Christmaz had been working on for the last month on his own tracks. Its a positive mind state and a message of
standing for peace and to follow your dreams through a lot
of problems and whatever struggles you may face. Christmaz transport s the fine art of words into a presentation of vocal pictures and this reflects strongly throughout this LP. Every lyric is filled with a lot of Power and Energy.
Figub Brazlevic delivers the sound and generates a complete atmosphere stitching together a well rounded piece of music. Figub invite for this Noritsu and for the scratch Parts of the Album Rob Really, DJ Cutrock and DJ Educut.

Is a emcee from the southern part of the Netherlands.
He gained noriety in the underground hip hop scene starting 2010 when cypher videos of him and his hometown crew Het VerZet started to circulate the world wide web.
In April 2012 the release of the Het VerZet crew album ‚‘Grea- test (s)hits‘‘ followed. Later that year seizing the momentum, his debut album with DJ Propo‘88 was released on Da Shogunz entitled ‚‘From The Top Of The Stack‘‘. The albums and music videos were received well and what came after was of a ton of shows all over Europe, Russia and even reaching South Ame- rica with the music. In 2015 the release of ‚‘Da BlabberMouf LP‘‘ saw the light of day and Blabber was able to expand his artistry even further. Now in April 2017 BlabberMouf will once again hit the road hard in Europe together with frequent collaborators Figub Brazlevic from Berlin, Germany and Christ- maz from Stockholm, Sweden.

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