22.Apr.17: WICKED

DJ: The Carnival of the WickeD is back, madder than ever, step right up and join the grandest Rave on Earth, with an
Amen4Tekno Records Label Special featuring
The Charming Mandidextrous (Amen4Tekno, UK)
The Breathtaking Matt:Scratch (Amen4Tekno, UK)
The Amazing Heatzy (Amen4Tekno, WickedVinyl)
The Incredible WickedSquad (Kathi Mariposa+ Spaceant WickedSquad)
The Notorious Dj Lilith + unics
mindblowing visuals by The Spectacular Missg Visuals + Gipsy Green
on our Sideshow Floor the Exclusive-World-Sensations, World's Only Known and Scientifically Proven: The ENCHANTING MERMAIDS, The Last REAL UNICORN (Alive+Dancing!!) and The GROTESQUE ARACHNE (Half Human-Half Spider)!! Please Try Not To Faint!! Enjoy throwing your money down the drain at Ball Toss or get yourself ripped-off by our Fortune Teller Madame Xanadu!!

EINLASS: 23:00

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