26.Nov.16: Carneval of the Wicked

LIVE: CARNEVAL of the WickeD with ED COX !!!

totally-wicked-madness-ridden-awesomeness to be expected as Ed cox and MikkiM fill the FLEX with their unique, distinctive, frenzy Rave-Circus-vibez alongside the infamous WickedSquad ( Kathi Mariposa + Spaceant WickedSquad), the magnificent Kiweedo Massiva and the spectacular VJanes Efi Vulkania Griechisch - Missg Visuals+Gipsy Green!!

Step right up and join the grandest Rave on Earth, welcome to the unexcelled Carneval of the Wicked!!
Clown-cosplays welcome!! :D pls share with your friends more infos soon!!
EINLASS: 23:00
EINTRITT: €12 <00:00> €15

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