DJ: Klangfabrik geht in die zweite Runde!
Wieder mit feinstem UK-House diesmal zu Gast Applebottom & Daktyl.
BEGINN: 23°°
EINTRITT: start....23.00...10€ from...24:00...12€ from......3.30.....8€

Klick auf Zusagen und Poste bis 18:00 des Veranstaltungstages "#Klangfabrik" auf die Eventwall. Unter allen Zusagen mit Posts verlosen wir 6x2 Gästelisten Plätze und zusätzlich 1Fl. Vodka + Beigetränke & 3 Eintritte!

Geht es nach uns, sollte uns Musik durch den ganzen Tag begleiten. Bei jedem Schritt, der dich durch den Tag bewegt. Ganz egal, ob gerade alles wie von alleine läuft, oder du wieder mal auf der Suche nach mehr Sonne in deinem Leben bist.
Der Klang – schnelle aufeinanderfolgende akustische Schallereignisse – die Essenz der Musik. Und an der Stelle, wo’s am allerschönsten ist, wiegt uns der Klang in ein Gefühl der Glückseeligkeit. Er übernimmt dann die Kontrolle über unseren Körper, und unser Geist kennt keine Grenzen mehr.
Zusammen mit unseren Klangspezialisten und dem Klangsupport wollen wir – Klangfabrik – euch in ein Meer aus Musik, Klang, Ton, Glück und natürlich haufenweise Konfetti stürzen.

Although frighteningly young, Applebottom is undoubtedly one of the breakthrough acts in the house scene over the past few years. He has gone from strength to strength capturing much attention with his uniquely styled melodic productions. Representing two of the most dynamic and exciting labels in recent years, MadTech and Eton Messy, Applebottom's diverse array of originals and remixes have gained him significant support leading to sell out club shows uk-wide, and last summer saw him play in Ibiza and Outlook festival in Croatia as well as countless festival gigs. It is evident from his latest tracks that this young chap has extensive knowledge and passion for classic, house and disco records


Rich Lonbay, aka Daktyl, has a style of music as unique as his alias (whose origin is a story all its own). At two years in, he’s performed alongside trap heavyweights Lunice and Baauer, been big-upped by Plastician and Toddla T, and just recently released on taste-making LA label Mad Decent.

The producer pulls from a wide variety of music influences such as hip-hop, world music, house, R&B and trap; chopping and screwing samples into a genre-less sound – even Lonbay himself is reluctant to give it a label just yet. But he is set on doing things his way.

“Don’t play by the rules,” he advised fans on Facebook. “Make the kind of tracks that don’t exist yet that you’ve always wanted to hear. Don’t settle and make whatever is popular nowadays, because you’ll never stand out that way. If I’m going bonkers in my bedroom bruking out to my own weird tracks then my mission is accomplished.” Somehow, we think he won’t be the only one “bruking out.” [Daktyl on SoundCloud]




Date: 1.8.2014
Location: Flex, Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Wien

Pfeil https://soundcloud.com/daktylmusic
Pfeil https://soundcloud.com/applebottommusic

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