002.May.12: LC 2.0 meets SILUH RECORDS

22:00 - doors
22:30 - live: Sweet Sweet Moon
23:30 - live: Gary
EINLASS: 22:00
EINTRITT: €6.- all night
As the first sounds of an omnichord timidly crackle from the speakers, you start to have an inkling, where you´ve ended up. And once you reach the chorus of the second song Epitaph: “This Is Our Future, Going Up In Flames“, you know exactly where you are: smack in the middle of happy nihilism, in the paradise of the planrejectors, in slacker kingdom.
Evan Dando leans lazily against a tree, a fag hanging from mouth, a guitar in his hands and he whistles a song after Lou Barlow. During Mazunte Alex Chilton, Chris Bell and the rest of Big Star drop by for a quick beer, before they all sit down in the grass. Together with Superchunk, they sing an ode to the failed revolutionary Bill Ayers. Oh, and Teenage Fanclub, Steven Pastel, J. Mascis, the Throwing Muses, Juliana Hattfield and Guided By Voices are obviously joining in, too.

Now, one could think that Gary are so absorbed in their slacker glory, that they don´t even care about writing own songs. But that thought is quickly brushed away by the warm summerwind of Twisted Beds. And as soon as you reach Love Is Love and Hell Teema, you are sure that nothing here is copied! This is a band, completely at home with what they do. Sure, you can tell the influences and heroes in the songs. But it´s got to be that way. Because this is POP! In capital letters. And Gary see everything, the whole world, just like Girls, Yuck or Best Coast, through unique, new eyes. Through the eyes of teenagers. Teenagers who kiss for the first time at a Pavement show. And then cry over their broken heart to Sebadoh tapes. These songs are sung with the euphoria, the pain, the frustration and yes, the anger of youth. Into an unjust and overcomplicated world. What did Calvin Johnson of Beat Happening say: “Rock´n´roll is a teenage sport. Meant to be played by teenagers of all ages“ And this Album Hey Turtle, Stop Running! reminds us again: Calvin is always right!
Pfeil http://www.siluh.com/artists/gary

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